noisemaker has evolved into something completely different.
2.06 Fixed incorrect connection of Midi outputs 1-4
2.05 Fixed another bug about the interval slider and it finally works as expected.
2.04 Fixed the behavior of the interval slider when scale off.
2.03 Fixed volume multiplication caused by the number of CV voices.
2.02 Fixed random abnormal high notes.
2.01 Fixed the “quantize” off option.
Interface completely redesigned with clearer partitioning and visual feedback.
Added a randomizer that can be manually assigned.
Generative sequencer (pitch panel) driven by randomizer and lfo has been significantly improved and can output midi.
Added a filter envelope driven by Pitch changes.
The 4 OSC pitches can be freely grouped and individually transposed.
Some other improvements


1.The parameter with the dice icon controls the amount of randomization, other parameters can be assigned manually with the manual randomizer module.
2. The filter env, which is driven by the pitch change, will only be triggered when the instant change of pitch is more than one semitone. So even if the Chance is 100%, the env may not be triggered every time.
3. The “Interval-” fader controls the pitch interval, and it will sound more pronounced when scale and quantize are off.
4. This is a very CPU-heavy rack, so although you can set the polyphony, but try not to exceed 4 polyphony, in some devices, 16 polyphony may lead to Drambo crash.


NoiseMaker is a Noise Synthesizer / Random Tone Synthesizer / Drone Synthesizer / Generative Synthesizer based on the randomizer module. At its core are the randomizer modules, 4 randomly cross-modulated LFOs and 4 randomly cross-modulated OSCs with individual filters.

Each time the randomizer is triggered, it randomly changes (X-fade) the 37 modulation routes in the background, including 4 LFO cross-modulation routes, 4 OSC cross-modulation routes, 4×6 LFO modulation routes and various parameters. This produces a constantly changing and layered sound.

3 comments on “NoiseMaker2.0
  • daniel_olmos on said:

    This is very very good!

  • zhou-jing on said:

    @danie , Glad you enjoyed it, it’s probably one of the racks I’ve spent the longest time on

  • baccharis on said:

    An amazing beast of a synth! I will be studying what you have built here for quite some time.

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