Noise Thing

Adaptation of Noise Thing Patch by oeyxsaue, which is inspired by the Bastle Kastle.

– The patch can get VERY noisy quite quickly so be careful with headphones.
– The patch starts muted. To get sound, just press any key on the keyboard once.
– Afterwards, the entire keyboard works as a mute-button, so just press a key if it gets too noisy.

– I have to admit that I don’t understand how the patch works and just ported it to Organelle. This made naming the various parameters a bit difficult. I tried to guess what they do and organized them accordingly.
– To change pages, press AUX. There are 6 pages.
– You can save presets on the preset page.
– I implemented O-Knob, so values don’t jump if you turn the knobs on a new page. Values will only change once you turn the knob to the position of the last value.
– You can use Audio in to modulate … something. Not sure what exactly but it is clearly audible.
– I own a Bastle Kastle. The experience really is a bit similar. So Kudos to the original creator.

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  • Revision: 1.0
  • License: Do What The F*ck You Want To Public License
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