Noise Looper

This is a 4 Channel Audio Input Looper with Kick, Snare, Crunch, and Gated White Noise. Latchable Reverse and 1/2 Speed/Pitch are onboard as well.

2 looper channels are connected to the Left input.

2 looper channels are connected to the Right input.

If there is nothing connected to the Right input then all 4 Loopers are connected to the Left input. (The default hardware behavior of the ZOIA.)

If you have nothing to connect then the 4 central YELLOW buttons will generate some NOISE.

The Main Page (0) is the Control Page… it looks like a diagonal ramp.

All RED buttons are Momentary RECORD.

All GREEN buttons are Latching PLAY.

All MAGENTA buttons are Latching REVERSE.

All WHITE buttons are Latching 1/2 SPEED/PITCH.

The 4 central YELLOW buttons are from left to right… KICK, SNARE, CRUNCH, and GATED NOISE.
(The KICK is boosted 12db so it clips and distorts)

All the Loopers are MONO but they are fed into a Panning Delay to get that stereo appeal.

I arranged the RECORD, PLAY, REVERSE, and 1/2 Speed controls with the Right Input Loopers inverted (Upper Right Corner) to facilitate sharing with a Noise Friend… so that your fingers don’t get into a digital collision. This Thing can sound like a collision… but that’s by design as well.

It uses about 98.9% of the CPU… but it’s not pure anything but noise.

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  • Revision: 1.0A
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3 comments on “Noise Looper
  • insektgod on said:

    Just checked, this still works with eezo0102.bin. I’ll prob’ly post a “Noise Looper 2.0” and tame the gains down a bit though… it seemed a bit hot through the stereo in my living room. Kind of a fine art getting all the levels in check, especially on a multi-page patch with both Live inputs and internally Synthesized sounds.

  • brockdavisson on said:

    I used your patch tonight in my ZOIA on this experimental / ambient thing I did along with my line 6 helix and hologram electronics infinite jets… I enjoyed it for the bass drum thing and the noise thing.

  • insektgod on said:

    The Crunch is pretty nasty… I was playing with the Audio Input levels since this version trying to get everything more balanced. The Kick, Snare, Crunch, and Gated Noise… are still out of control in comparison to the Left and Right Input Levels… The Ping Pong Delay seems to make them get louder… maybe it’s the Feedback Level, I just assume that if it’s lower than 50% things aren’t going to get gained in there.

    That Crunch noise is like an amplified Godzilla toy getting power starved.
    Thanks for playing and giving feedback.

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