No Memory

I’ve never actually played the No Memory, but here’s a patch with the same signal flow. It’s basically a delay where you can send some signal to an envelope control that is linked to the delay time.

The value modules up top let you control delay time (aqua), feedback (magenta) and tone (white).

In the top right, you get a pushbutton to set the modulation range, this basically limits the amount of signal going into the envelope into three useful ranges. The green pixel tells you in which range you are (Slightly lit: sublte modulation, half-lit: medium modulation, fully lit: extreme modulation)

In the bottom left you get a control (white) for the amount of signal going into the envelope follower, this is the amount of modulation within the range set by the pushbutton.

The left footswitch toggles modulation on and off
The middle footswitch determines the direction of the mod (up or down)
The right footwitch toggles some stereo separation between the left and right delays.

The blue value module at the bottom of the 1st screen controls the amount of delay applied to the left delay line.

The red and yellow value modules are rise and fall control for the envelope follower.

That is pretty much it, hope everything’s clear and easy to understand. If not, feel free to hit me up. Demos going up tonight

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2 comments on “No Memory
  • hawkfuzz on said:

    I just started working on a patch for this. I miss mine dearly. The effect shouldn’t be too bad to replicate, however, the degradation as you increase delay time was something I’ve been trying to figure out how to achieve.

  • Simon_Provencher on said:

    Sadly I didn’t bother recreating the degradation. I was mostly interested in having the envelope behave nicely

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