Noise Machine 1 – Layer version.
This thing is a beast!

6 layers comprising of:

1. Noise + filter
2. Noise + Comb filter + standard filter (ending in 2 channel mixer)
3. Noise + Modal Resonator filter + standard filter (ending in 2 channel mixer)
4. Noise + Waveguide filter + standard filter ( (ending in 2 channel mixer)
5. Oscillator + filter
6. Oscillator + filter

All with full LFO capability, routed to a 6 channel mixer, and an Amp at the end of the chain because this thing gets LOUD. Capable of some crazy noises, I built this for sound design purposes, to have everything ready to go and ready to play with.

This is a continuously playing sound generator.
To play with MIDI simply add an Amp Envelope after it.
Noise components are hidden from compact view.

Revision 1.2
1 Default state configured with:
– master filters on layers 2-4 turned off
– sub mixers on layers 2-4 altered and mixed so that turning master mixer layer channels up immediately makes a sound.
2 swapped section labels for simple dividers

Revision 1.1
patched two overlooked LFOs to master filter in layer 4.

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  • Category: Synthesizer
  • Revision: 1.2
  • License: Do What The F*ck You Want To Public License
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9 comments on “NM1-L
  • SUGERMAN on said:

    Sorry to ask a noob question here but trying desperately to put this into my patch – just can not figure out how to add a user module…. mind telling me? thanks wanna make some NOISE !

  • jameslondon74 on said:

    Sure. Next to MIDI to CV module there is a plus sign. Hit that, and it will bring up the module selector. Right at the top, next to instruments hit ‘preset’ and then right at the bottom is an ‘import’ option. Hit that and navigate to where your file is stored.

  • Geoffrey Thornton on said:

    Interesting. Is this added as an instrument or modulation module?
    I can make noise with it but can this be played via midi or keys?

  • RoccoMcTaco on said:

    Already having lots of fun with just Noise 1 and 2. I like how you out these together. Thanks!

  • RoccoMcTaco on said:

    One minor thing is in #4 the Waveguide filter, the connections between the master filter and it’s LFOs were forgotten. Not a problem, just had me derping for a second

  • jameslondon74 on said:

    Whoops! Thanks RoccoMcTaco. I’ll fix it and reupload a new version.

    It’s an instrument but more like a very complex generator. To play with midi you’ll need an Amp ADSR envelope and use MIDI CV at the start. I suppose you could then use it as a drum patch.

  • jameslondon74 on said:

    Just heard your ‘results’ patch. Nice! I swear I can hear it laughing at me?!

  • SUGERMAN on said:

    Thank you jameslondon74! I had managed to figure this out, it’s a beautiful device! Nice work!

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