NDLR 2 part Emulation

Inspired by the NDLR

Designed for a Master Keyboard playing into MIDI A

Play Chords In. MIDI
cc126 tunrs Sustain On and Off (Kurzweil PC3 SW Switch)

Clock goes into MIDI D, which passes through the MIDI Out D

Pad chord is held and output on USBA and MIDI A on Channel 1

Arpeggiated (with 3/16 delay) playes out of MIDI A and USB A on Chan 2.

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The Puppeteer

2 comments on “NDLR 2 part Emulation
  • robrain on said:

    NDLR, not NLDR. Might help searches hit you, hence my pedantic spell checking :)

  • Puppeteer on said:

    Thanks. Fixed in the description. I’ll fix the image when I get a chance

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