Eight H90 Bowed Instruments

These eight H90 bowed stringed instrument programs (stereo insert mode) were inspired by Eventide’s UltraSwell program. They aspire to emulate the sound and feel of a solo bowed string instrument in a small hall.

Technique is important. Use wide vibrato and PLAY DISTINCT RESTS BETWEEN NOTES to reset the UltraTap gate. Note length is loosely related to swell time. Learn to “play the effect”, especially on wound strings, and BLAMO! You’re Yoyo Ma playing the prelude to Bach’s Cello Suite No. 1 in G Major! Well … sort of. Anyway …

As used here, Aux #5 shifts the swell range down below the base-program state (no hotswitches activated). So it is intended to toggle with the base program state in each program. In that way, it acts a little like a 4th hotswitch.

The reverbs are quite similar but they all have their unique charms. Please check the developer notes for details.

Note that these programs were created using the middle and bass toggle positions of a Les Paul. That does make some tonal difference so try all your pickups and stick with your fav.

These programs use the hotswitches, an expression pedal, and aux switches #4, #5, and #6. Aux #4 is always a 5dB boost. Aux #5 and Aux #6 could be anything, but are always described in the developer notes. My expression pedal is globally linked to P Hotknob. So the P Hotknob functionality is intended to be expression pedal functionality.

The H90 will drive headphones with a guitar alone if you turn the P Out Gain Hotknob to +12dB. So I always set that as the first/left-most hotknob where it is always within reach.

I’ve learned from and incorporated material from innumerable gearheads to build/compile this list. Grateful attribution is provided where possible.

Many thanks to the geniuses at Eventide. The H90 is an absurdly rich resource and powerful tool.

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