nExXxT is a Round Robin type utility for AUM.

This script is for looping through steps on a single button. Reset back to starting step with the Reset button.

Set Channel knob to 100% for midi channel spread.
Set note length knob (200ms) to 100% for incoming note length.

Press a Reset button to enable that group’s settings.
Press Shift to go global again.

Route MIDI in to Mozaic and the MIDI IN knob in global settings will be the note that triggers pad 0+

Eternal thanks to @ADG for ongoing support, and @PeteSasqwax for testing and ideas.

Midi input broke in 1.0.8, update to 1.0.9+
1.1: all midi not controlled by nxxxt passes through

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  • Revision: 1.1.1
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