This is FM-AM neural network synthesizer. It consists in 4 “neurons” (sinewave oscillators) all connected to each other. Every neuron ranges from LFO to audio band, (0.1 hz to 5000 hz), even if tones below 20 hz (infrasounds) and has its own envelope generator with rate, attack and decay, the envelope trig can be both automatically and manually controlled. [FS]
Playing Keys select modulation sources so any neuron can modulate any other, even itself, in this way complex feedback chains can be created.
Every Neuron has its own pan control for binaural shenanigans.

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  • Tristan Heau on said:

    Great Patch ! Some very rewarding sweet spot !
    I just noticed that on some pages, buttons are not correctly related to their modulation destination. Knob 4 for exemple tweaks parameter 1 instead of parameter 4 (yellow aux button page) and 2 modulates 3…
    On green aux button page, knob 1 modulates 2, knob 2 –> parameter 3 and so on.

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