Building on the preset included in Mozaic, I have set the playback of notes to be on movement of the xy pad and for the notes played to be determined by the scale (slider 0) and the range (sliders 1 & 2). The other sliders set volumes for notes in the scale – this is an attempt to make chords, voicings and melodies easier to pick out… Kinda like how drawbars work I think? (im sort of imagining that harpist damp strings the don’t want to sound…)

Things I want to fix

1. I’ve added a hackish counter to the actual sending of midi notes as I was getting micro notes when recording into Atom to asses the output – I’m sure there’s a better way to do this…

2. The drawbar slider thing. It sort of works but is really random and definitely hacky the way I’ve done it. I think there’s much more elegant solutions but I’m not seeing them yet…

3. Set root note and / or maybe have that and a range setting rather than the current low / high settings… might need another layout page though…

4. Labelling sliders – when they become more permanent…

5. General mess, yes I’m a tramp, once it settles, it‘ll get better…

Anyone is welcome to say or do anything :D

V 0.05

Getting better, neater, added labels, shifted sliders so that I have the settings on the right, drawbars on the left! camel cased a few vars and commented stuff.

Got decent logs showing me how wrongly it’s working – I’m getting the feeling I’ve got the fundamental scale bit totally wrong and the shortcut I’m attempting to make is a fool’s errand. I need to look deeper into how the scales are stored and see if that’s how I actually achieve this.

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