Mute Maschine v1.1

Beat juggle with channel mutes of all 16 midi channels.

In normal mode
– All notes and events of the channel are played
– Pressing a pad will temporary mute the channel, active notes will be canceled
– Releasing the pad will re-activate the still active notes of the channel immediately

In inverse mode
– No notes of the channel are played, the channel is muted
– Pressing a pad will temporary un-mute the channel, active notes will play with the press
– Releasing the pad will mute the notes of the channel immediately

Hold SHIFT while pressing or releasing a channel pad will toggle the state between normal and inverse mode. Inverse mode is visualized by a red pad color.

Of course you can also hold or press simultaneous channel pads.

And you can even change other channels states while holding pads since the SHIFT button
is applied per pad.

If you for instance temporay muted a channel, but want to keep the mute just press SHIFT while releasing the channel pad.


Version 1.1 offers an alternative interaction flow without the need for the shift button. If at least one pad is pressed a LATCH: no/yes knob is shown that allows to ‘latch’ the current state of a pad even when releasing the pad(s). The latch knob supports double-tap.


* If a channel contains sustained chords, mute the channel and then in inverse mode tap the channel pad to manually gate the chord


The HELP knob toggles to this description view (double tap is supported)

5 comments on “Mute Maschine v1.1
  • Jay Zen on said:

    Great!!! It would be cool to have a toggle mode executed by the help knob (the mid state?) so that we can also simply press a pad to latch mute (maybe with a bar /quantized timer) or reactivate the pad. Love what you did, would be just more versatile if you can integrate it :-)

    NICE script ❤️

  • -ki on said:

    In principle a nice idea to add a knob to toggle between temporary/latched for the current active knobs.


    But this fails if some of the active pads were actived with shift on their press (they will latch) and others without shift (temporary). I didn‘t come up with a good workflow when trying this out.

    Additionally my iPad doesn‘t get all knob-double taps, so its unclear whether the state of a pressed pad changed – there is no indication.

    The pressed pads are always highlighted in white, so changing the color doesn‘t help. I would have to add new labels to show the Latch state while beeing hold. Currently there‘s __ CH x __ and __ MUTE x __ . This idea would require two new variants like (((( CH x )))) and (((( MUTE x )))) for the latched versions

    Holding the shift button while pressing or releasing already works well – even for changing latching on multiple pads, while keeping some temporary. But i understand that this takes some practice and an additional more direct way with a knob would be nice.


    I will try around some days and then we’ll see if i come up with a clean and usable idea for adding a ‚latch change‘ knob

  • -ki on said:

    Update to v1.1
    – Added alternative interaction flow that uses a latch knob to ‚keep‘ the current mode

  • EmmetRay on said:

    hey very nice script. trying to combine that with the note repeat script to have the “step jump” effect of the volca drum with external sequencing. …is it possible to mute everything while pressing down a button of my external midi keyboard? somehow it never holds. it gets the note message but only for like a quarter second. doesnt seem to recognize that the keyboard button is still being pressed. cheers from cologne

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