MutatoR v3.6

Apply independant note mutations and humanization to all 16 midi channels with 64 user-defined configurations organized in 4 banks.

MutatorR can issue static or random note drops, velocity changes, transpositions with scales and destination channel routings independenly for each channel to transform the melodic and ryhtmic characteristics of the input material.

The full documentaion with screenshots is hosted on

The script is based on the concepts of the CopyCat, Midi Matrix Switch and ToggleChannels.
Like its predecessors it needs a special project setup:
* All midi generators need to send on different midi output channels and need to be
routed into the MutatoR script
* All sound generator reacting to the midi generators need to read their midi input
from the MutatoR script and also need to apply an input channel filter to select the
correct generator.
(See for an overview)

There are three main views
* CHANNEL View shows the applied modifications on the pad labels of each channel with
…. different colors for each for the channel modes (Thru, Apply or Mute)

* CONFIG View shows one of four configration banks in batches of 16 pads labeled with
…. user-defined names. The banks have different colors: lavender, violet, magenta
…. and yellow with the current config highlighted in light blue

* The EDITOR View consists of 10 pages with knobs per channel focusing on one
…. mutation aspect per page. Mutations cover note drops (4 pages), velocity changes (2 pages)
…. and transpositions (4 page)

and two secondary views (SWAP/COPY, HELP)

This view shows the channel mode and sumarizes its applied modifications

* Tap a channels pad to toggle between Apply/Muted state.
* Double tap a channel pad (or press shift after holding the pad) to toggle between Apply/Thru state.
* CHAN/conf knob toggles to CONFIG View
* HELP knob toggles to HELP View
* SHIFT toggles to EDITOR View
* SHIFT plus Pad enters SWAP/COPY VIew

This view allows to select the active configuration from any of the four banks (pads colored
in lavender, violet, magenta and yellow). The current config is shown in light-blue.

Config names are setup on the ‘Channel Mode’ page in the config editor.

* chan/CONF knob toggles to CHANNEL View
* BANK knob toggles visible bank
* HELP knob toggles to HELP View
* SHIFT toggles to Editor View
* SHIFT plus Pad enters SWAP/COPY VIew

The 10 sub pages of the editor view allow to setup the channel mutations.

* EDIT knob changes sub-page
* SHIFT toggles back to CHANNEL or CONFIG View

For more information, please lookup the full documentation including screenshots linked with the light blue ‘source code’ button on the right.

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2 comments on “MutatoR v3.6
  • knoedel on said:

    How do I get this into Mozaic on my iPad?

  • -ki on said:

    Hello knoedel,

    pressing the red download button will download the script preset into the ‚Downloads‘ folder on your ipad or iphone.

    Here the detailed instructions for IOS 13 on how to install the downloaded script preset into Mozaic:

    Use the files app to open that ‚downloads‘ folder, long press on the Mozaic-v3.6.mozaic file and select ‚share‘ and in the share dialog either the Mozaic destination is alread shown as ‚Copy into Mozaic‘ or you have to open the ‚more‘ option indicated with three dots on the far right of the app list that shows all possible apps. In that list also select ‚copy into Mozaic‘ .

    This will open up the standalone version Mozaic, but the script isn‘t automatically loaded – but copied into the preset list. So you need to press Mozaics ‚Load‘ button and scroll down to ‚Mutator v3.6‘ and select it.


    The general procedure is the same for all Mozaic scripts downloaded from patchstorage:
    * Download the preset
    * In the Files app, use share to copy the preset into Mozaic
    * In Mozaic manually load the new preset from its list

    BTW: I also published the audiobus session, besides Audiobus you need the Rozeta Suite, Mozaic, StreamByter and Bismark bs16i :

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