Sends program and bank change messages to all the selected channels. Trigger them with a keyrange or a program change message.
Long press shift to go from the edit to the perform mode.
To save your work press save and choose a new (apppended) filename.
On the manage page you can send all your settings to another copy of the plugin. In this way you can export your work to a new version, in case of updates.

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  • Category: Utility
  • Revision: 1.0
  • License: MIT License
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  • Modified: 2 years ago
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3 comments on “MultiChannelProgramChanger
  • cozido on said:

    What is “Bank off”? How to send, for example, Bank C, Preset 2? Or a preset no. greater than 127?


  • Alfred_Rademakers on said:

    Press shift to edit the bank settings. In your case choose msb and set its value to 2. Press shift again and choose preset 2. There are no preset numbers above 127. Thats where the banks come in.
    Now long press shift to go to the perform section. Here you can trigger the stored settings…

  • Alfred_Rademakers on said:

    @cozido You have to short press shift to go from pc to bank settings.
    When on the perform page short press to go to manage and trigger settings pages.

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