Multi Page Template – 8 Pages

The Organelle 2.1 OS adds some really cool paging possibilities:

Multi Page Template

All I have done is take it and extend it to a full 8 pages, as my patches tend to get OCD with parameters.
Save works, recall works (1 preset for now), but this is just a template you’ll need to add guts.

Also uses a really simple abstraction I have called oknob.pd

inlet 1 – knob output
inlet 2 and 3 (set in object)
2: total range of values
3: starting point

outlet 1: value in float
outlet 2: value in int
outlet 3: value as signal


(unscaled value from knob)
[oknob 99.9 0.1]

Goes from 0.1 100 , with 3 outlets depending on needed scaling/type

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  • Owen Osborn on said:

    This is great! Thanks for the updated 8 page version. It will open lots of doors!

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