Multi MIDI Scaler

This script provides scaling of up to 10 CC/Channel combinations. It can be useful for apps that don’t allow scaling of midi-mapped controls. It can also provide reverse scaling by setting the ending level lower than the starting level. It can also scale note velocities.

▫️Press SHIFT to toggle between LEVELS and CONFIGURATION Mode
▫️The knobs are set in vertical pairs, one for each CC/Channel to scale. The last pair is used for note velocity scaling.
▫️Use CONFIGURATION mode to set the CC/Channel combination for each vertical pair of knobs
▫️Use LEVELS mode to set the beginning and ending limits for each CC/Channel combination
▫️If the top level is higher than the bottom level, then scaling will be reversed (higher input values will reselt in lower output values)
▫️In CONFIGURATION mode, All Thru means non-configured CC’s are passed through. Block Other means only CC’s configured are passed through.
▫️Notes are always passed through but will be scaled if levels are set in the last pair of knobs.
▫️All other MIDI, plus Sysex, is passed through.

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