Multi-FX Stone Monolith

Insert Mode Program – Series Routing. Program MIX 40-45% (via EXP1). SpaceTime into ModEchoVerb. Programmed for stereo use.

Yes, that certainly is one giant set of algos. But this one holds its complexity while responding nicely to your playing dynamics. Chorusing, parallel reverb, and two delays with feedback into reverb, flanging, and echoes around all of it.

EXP1 sweeps Program Mix, plus Mod Amount & Mod Rate in SpaceTime, with Flanger Mix & Mod Rate in ModEchoVerb.

All three HotKnobs are pre-programmed for making fine adjustments to several of the effects. Customize the sound, using these variations:

* [P] HotKnob (+/-) – adjust Decay, Color & Fdbck 2 in SpaceTime, with Decay, Size & EchoFdbck in ModEchoVerb. [default = 28]
* [A] HotKnob (+/-) – adjust Delay A & B in SpaceTime. [default = 9].
* [B] HotKnob (+/-) – adjust Echo time in ModEchoVerb. [default = 40].

Other options include momentary / latching INFINITE or FREEZE in either/both algorithms, or Fdbck=90 in both algorithms, for near-infinite looping without going over into oscillation.

See the Program Notes for more information on the PERFORM switch mappings.

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