This patch features a drive module that can be engaged with the Right Foot Switch, as well as either a Chorus -OR- PingPong Delay that can be engaged with the Left Foot Switch.

The middle Foot Switch controls the tap tempo.

Delay rate can be set to 4ths, 8ths, dotted 8ths, or 16ths in relation to the tap tempo.

Chorus is set to a half note rate.

Controlling the delay rate divisions, within a common tap tempo, is handy.

Levels, and tone controls etc, certainly could use some adjustment, but the structure of this patch was my focus.

-User interface designed to indicate settings & tempo visually

(as shown in attached image)

This patch might be of use though, even with it’s unfinished nature.

I would greatly appreciate any tips, or input!

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(wrote a novel, you can skip this)

I am still wrapping my mind around the zoia, and am learning as I go.

My goal was to set up a patch where I could engage drive/distortion, and multiple effects independently.

Ideally I wish to have a delay effect, and several modulation effects, all being able to be engaged independently from one another as well as multiple simultaneously. After creating this patch, I suspect trying to accomplish that might be very difficult within cpu limitations. There’s still more I intend to add, and I will update this as I make further progress.

*There is one glitch I’ve noticed. When initially switching to the patch both the chorus and delay are selected. Hit the effect selector pushbutton once, and this patch begins to work as intended.*

Additionally, the delay rate setup (4,8,.8,16ths) was never a goal of mine when I started this patch. That being said, I found a method that works that uses tap tempo, as opposed to CV. I suspect there’s a better way through the use of LFO’s or a midi clock?? Everything I tried though failed.


– – – – – – – – –

1.Effect – – – – – – – – – on/off indicator light
2.Drive – – – – – – – – – on/off indicator light
3.Chorus – – – – – – – – applied Effect indicator
4.Delay – – – – – – – – applied Effect indicator
5.Tap Tempo (direct) – – – indicates tap tempo applied by Mid FootSW
6.Delay Timing Display??
7.Delay tap reference – – (blinky lights)
8.Effect selector Switch – Switches between Delay OR Chorus as applied effect when LeftFootSW engaged
9.Delay Timing Switch – – Changes timing of delay between 4th,8,.8,& 16ths.

Left Foot Switch – – – > Effect On or Off (chorus OR delay)
Middle Foot Switch – – – > Tap Tempo
Right Foot Switch – – – > Drive On or Off

**patch is intended to be used in performance mode

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