MS6 SysEx Performance Editor and Spatial Processor

A SysEx performance patch editor and spatial processor for the Cheetah MS6 hardware synth.

Ok, it’s super-niche but full of example code for:

* Sending and receiving System Exclusive with error handling
* Packing / unpacking and displaying System Exclusive data dumps
* Displaying timeouts and transient messages
* Realtime MIDI stream processing
* Implementing MIDI learn for note ranges
* Converting between number bases
* Integrating -ki’s Pad and Shift Manager and Migration Manager includes
* Using System Exclusive for inter-app communications (stub code)

The mfx spatial processor function does not require a MS6 and could be used generally to generate pan position messages that switch on received MIDI channel value.

Zip file contains native .mozaic file, .moz text file for opening in Textastic code editor and a 20-page manual detailing all the functions, setup, received and transmitted data, dump formats and MIDI implementation sheet.

Further information in the description of the YouTube video

Note: SysEx functions require Kristofer Maad v1.3 update ROM for the MS6 – details in the docs.

One comments on “MS6 SysEx Performance Editor and Spatial Processor
  • -ki on said:

    Thanks a lot for using my include snippets, thats what they were intended for ;-)

    I don’t own an MS6 but have been looking on eBay – they are quite expensive vintage analogue synthesizers these days.

    I really like your impressive and detailed manual and the video, you really did a good job explaining what the script can do and how to set it up.

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