Mr. Vibe – MIDI Vibrato

Mr. VIBE – Midi Vibrato enables expressive “playing” of LFOs to send pitch bend and modulation to synths.
There are two LFOs. The first, or “main”, one modulates the pitch bend and cc value outputs. The second can modulate the first LFO to produce more interesting variations. The Range Controls affect the range of values output. LFO controls affect the shape, speed, and mix of the LFOs.

Tapping SHIFT toggles between a performance view with faders, a combined view with knobs and includes additional settings, and the help view. The numeric value of the knobs and faders is shown over the XY pad as you move them. The XY pad can be switched between showing an animation of the output values and for use as a dual control for selected controls.

A simple way to get started is just to set an app that responds to pitch bend to receive from Mozaic, then play with Bend Range and Speed 1 to make some interesting vibrato. You can get a lot of expression out of just these two controls. 👍🏼(Hint: tap SHIFT to get to the settings view and then set the XY control to these two parameters for an expressive one-finger control.)

▪︎ BEND RANGE: Sets the range of movement of the pitch bend modulation
▪︎ BEND BIAS: Offsets range above or below the center
▪︎ MOD RANGE: Sets the range of movement of the cc modulation around the mid value
▪︎ MOD BIAS: Sets the center of the range above or below the mid value

▪︎ SHAPE 1: The shape of the main LFO
▪︎ SPEED 1: The speed in Hz. (cycles per second) of the main LFO
▪︎ SHAPE 2: The shape of the secondary LFO
▪︎ SPEED 2: The speed of the secondary LFO
▪︎ MOD 2>1: The amount that the secondary LFO modulates the main LFO

▪︎ MOD CC: Sets the cc# that is output from the MOD values
▪︎ MIDI CHANNEL PAD: Tap to cycle through output channels.
▪︎ MIDI THRU PAD: Tap to choose whether to send other Midi through the plugin or to block it
▪︎ X MODE PAD: Tap to cycle through Animate mode for the XY Pad or the control to link to the X axis when moved.
▪︎ Y MODE PAD: Tap to ycle through controls to link to the Y axis when not in Animate mode.

▪︎ IMPORTANT: To reduce CPU use and battery drain, the output timer is stopped when Bend AND Mod Range are at zero or when Speed for both LFOs are at zero. It is good practice to turn Bend and Mod Range to zero when not in use.
▪︎ If the default maximum LFO speed is too high or low, adjust the max_speed variable in the @UserTweaks section at the top of the script.
▪︎ There is also a timer_interval variable in @UserTweaks. This sets the rate of messages output in milliseconds. Setting too low may overwhelm some apps. Setting too high may result in audible “steppiness”.

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