generative sequenced environmental research vessel. MIDI sync enabled.

initialize chaos engine on first boot.

press notes together to latch harmonics into the melody possibility network.

press AUX to progress to new territories across MOTH-7.

knob 1 : tempo :: MIDI sync and free running clock. Stops when below 5

knob 2 : great wave :: crossfade between rhythmic sampler and pulsing harmonic waves

knob 3 : depths :: volume and saturation of low frequencies

knob 4 : heights :: volume and saturation of high frequencies

updates ::
added synth bass drum synth
updated chaos core
probability and density modifications
changed great wave control to crossfade

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3 comments on “MOTH-7
  1. Tristan Heau on said:

    awesome Patch ! Thanks for sharing !

  2. dontbeseen on said:

    This is amazing, I can let this play on its own all day and remain quite entertained.
    Thanks !!!!!!

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