MOOG Subharmonicon

A recreation of the Moog subharmonicon.

To start – zoom to the 4 BIG BUTTONS on the left hand side and turn all gate/rhythms off, by switching them all to red.. now there is no sound all gates to seq are off.
Then begin by switching some rhythm/gates back on.. the gate frequency/rate can be adjusted for each using the Tact-1 slide controllers above.
Then move on to the switch88 where the 2 sequencers pitch cv can be assigned to any of the 6 oscillators.
Turn the sequencer dials to change notes on either 4 step sequencer…and set scale on each quantizer…

Happy to help out if any questions, or on how to get the most out of it.. enjoy polyrhythmic explorations.

5 comments on “MOOG Subharmonicon
  • sowari on said:

    This great :)

  • RUncELL on said:

    Thanks sowari..✌️

  • KingsCountyExile on said:

    Fantastic! I also appreciate the detailed documentation. Top notch.

  • RUncELL on said:

    Thanks @KingsCountyExile ✌️
    Just a note about the wave select button.. it’s labelled as GREEN = SAW & RED = SQUARE when in fact the inverse is true GREEN IS SQUARE WAVE & RED IS SAW WAVE, this is because the BOG AUDIO SWITCH module defaults to LOW position and the big buttons default to green when starting up MiRack.

  • Charlesalbert on said:

    Top quality work. Congrats.

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