Moog Matriarch-rough start up

Hello again you all ‘out there’ people!
Another rough synth creation patch, this time a ‘Moog Matriarch’ semi modular style synth. A very rough around the edges affair, not sure that the Autodafe’ Keyboard’ is actually doing anything, has anyone used that module before, what does it do?
It is meant as a template for further development as a ‘starter’ for CodySeanMusic on VCV Rack community but of course it is open to all.
The 8fo controls the sound produced so just change the OFFSET and Scale switches to produce various tones. Just generally turn everything that can be turned see what happens?
Be careful of the volume!

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  • deep-drone on said:

    From Autodafe I actually only use the DrumKit modules. I like them because they take so little space in the patch^^. I haven’t tried the keyboard yet either. It’s always exciting to listen to your work. I like these sounds :)

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