Monty Hall Simulator

Monty Hall Simulator

This is a generative music maker based on the conundrum from the American game show Lets Make a Deal which puzzled mathematicians in the 1990s after Marilyn Vos Savant claimed a contestant always improves their chances of winning from 1/3 to 2/3 by switching boxes.

Watch and listen while Mosaic acts like two contestants on the show, one who always swaps their box, the other who always keeps their box, and proves that the Vos Savants theory is correct.

The top pads simulate the contestant who always swaps.
The bottom pads act as the contestant who always keeps.

Percentage of wins for each contestant is displayed in the adjacent knobs.

Good idea to start use AUM and a bpm of 20-30, then tweak using swing and scales.

link up to some funky synths … developed using AUM and ‘s t r n g’ and the Thumbjam

Lots of little tweaks in script, have fun playing and i hope it inspires.

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  • Revision: 1.0
  • License: GNU
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