MONONOKE Smart Tunings v1.2

The Smart Tunings script opens up new Mononoke expression possibilities by offering 4 user defined tunings that are updated by applying a smart change strategy .

* Pad A-D control the active setting
* The left 4×2 knobs the tunings of the Mononoke pads
* The rightmost knobs allow to specify the note release time for the left and right part of mononoke

XY Controller
The XY allows to controls various settings of Mononoke
* Ambience / Mood
* Left / right cutoff
* Left / right shape
* Left / right tremolo
* Left / right vibrato

Tapping the shift button cycles between these settings, double tapping the shift button toggles between ambience/mood and cutoff control.

Smart Changes
The ‘smart’ part of the script comes into play when changing settings.
* Mononoke pads that are active are not changed – they will update their tuning when the pad is released and when the defined release time for the mononoke part is finished to not change the tuning while the sound is audible
* Monoke pads that are in a release phase will change their tuning when the defined release phase is over
* Monoke pads that were inactive for longer than the release time will change their tuning immediately
* If a Mononoke pad is played before the release time is over, the tuning will be updated right at the pad press

Holding SHIFT while pressing a settings pad copies the current setting onto the pressed settings pad.

Route the midi output of the script into Mononoke to control Mononokes tuning and additonally route the midi output of Mononoke into this script for the ‘smart updates’.

You want the release time long enough to not distrub the release of a mononoke note, but also as short as possible.

To get a feeling on how to setup the release time, try the following:
* Set the left release time to 0
* Set the mononole left release time to 30
* In setting A set pad 1 to the lowest note
* In setting B set pad 1 to the highest note
* Press and hold Mononokes pad 1
* Change to the other setting and then release the mononoke pad
* Since there is no release delay, the script will update the note as soon as it as released resulting in a audible pitch change.
* Now set the left release to 1.0s and you will just hear a short jump at the end of mononokes release phase when toggling the setting while the note is active
* With a left release of 1.2s there is no pitch jump

Why always not use an extra long release time ?
* If you change the release to 8.0s and then toggle
the settings and press the pad before the 8s are run of, you will hear a fast pitch glide as the tuning updates.

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    Updated to v1.2
    – Added various XY controls that are toggles by tapping/double tapping the shift button

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    Thanks so much for this!

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