A single voice synthesizer with wave morphing/cross fading good for evolving sounds. Features:
-ADSR envelopes for filter and amp
-Arpeggiator (improved 8 note version)

Voice selection
1 – Pulse/square wave with PWM
2 – Sawtooth
3 – FM voice
4 – FM with distortion
5 – 13 Wavetable with phase sweep

turning morph ON will choose a random voice every couple of seconds with a smooth transition between.

A couple of voices either can use Tone or LFO, but not both at once (ie, turn off LFO to use Tone)

Alot of the arp chord names are inaccurate.

A few knobs dont do anything yet.

Changing the wave/voice too fast manually will negate the crossfade and cause noise/clicking

Distortion can be nasty at high levels

Uses several of Eric Lyon’s lyonpotpourri objects

3 comments on “MonoMorph
  • Steve Hooper on said:

    This is awesome, can get some large sounding sweeping things happening very quickly. 5 stars!

  • Jezne Durutti on said:

    Phat!!! I like this a lot! Can’t wait to sync this up with some Krautrock drum patterns and go full on Motorik!

  • Truchaska on said:


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