Mom’s Marmelade

All the the pitches for all the voices are managed through a single instance of “Mother”.
I sequenced a scales progression with 3 ADDR sequencers in parallel, one for each scale parameters (root, scale number and Child).
I used Trummor 2 for Kick and hats, Plaits for tuned percussion (Heard alone on the beginning) and basal for all the rest.
Polyknob from computerscare to controll all the parameters (Basal and slap) for each voices separately (Very powerful).
Dual 8 steps sequencer from Count Modula for the comping voices. The melody’s countour is driven by one of the caudal outputs. The pitch contour for plaits is driven by a single Sine LFO. Some randomness are added in and there by playing with the Fate parameters of “mother”.
Amount of gates for Plaits and melody are manualy controlled through a Bernoulli gate. Rhythm and comping voices are sequenced by the LOMAS sequencers whitch are clocked through “Swing”.
I hope You’ll enjoy.

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  • Revision: 1.0
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