Mother with oled screen and multipage support.


– Pretty accurate representation of the organelle screen. There is support for /oled/gFlip /oled/gClear /oled/gSetPixel /oled/gLine /oled/gBox /oled/gFillArea /oled/gCircle /oled/gFilledCircle /oled/gPrintln /oled/gInvertArea /oled/gInvertLine /oled/gShowInfoBar, screenLines and a bunch of other calls.
– Support of the note buttons, aux, encoder, vol, foot pedal, knobs, led light, etc. All mapped to keyboard keys.
– It’s tiny and cute :)

How to launch the SCREEN

The emulated screen is made with pygame. To launch it you will need to do one of these:
A – If you are on Windows just run oled.exe and that’s it.
B – If you are not on Windows, or you don’t want to run a executable, you will need to have installed Python 3, and the pygame and python-osc modules. Once you have installed all this, just run

the OLED toglebox on MOM.pd is for updating/restarting the screen. Be sure to have it checked.


– Change the name to something less e d g y
– Added a .exe for those people in windows that don’t want to install python.
– Now there is support for multipage patches!
I test it with Zone and Jeraphy and they run fine.
Keep in mind that to be able to run these patches on desktop, you should disable their versioncheck object! To do this, just bypass it, and connect [loadbang] directly to the [t b b] object.

– OLED Window’s size can be set from the script.
– Added a panic button.
– Fix bugs in the encoder. Now it send the correct calls.
– Added a reboot button for the Oled.
– Added expression pedal.

10 comments on “MOM
  • moebiussurfing on said:

    Nice done! This supports too loading OS2+ patches with pages handling?

  • baptiste on said:

    Good idea ! The name though…

  • bomboy on said:

    So…I’m a little confused. What does this one do exactly???

  • varicela on said:

    @moebiussurfing Updated to v1.1. Now it does support multipage patches!

    @baptiste Changed the name, thanks for your input.

    @bomboy Basically let you run Organelle’s patches on your computer. Think of it like an Organelle emulator.

  • moebiussurfing on said:

    hey @varicela, do you know the easiest way to test it on MacOS? I am trying to install all the py stuff with brew, pip, pyGame etc… but its being messy to me..

  • moebiussurfing on said:

    hey @varicela, where did you get the pdf/docs (gDrawInfoBar, gPrintln,…) to implement your lcd py app? nice job

  • varicela on said:

    @moebiussurfing Sorry! I forgot to check for messages.
    Never had a Mac so, I don’t know that works. I always use pip to install everything, but it can go wrong something. Maybe try to update it first?
    Yes, I also found those docs! There are some functions I didn’t knew about, because there are not used in the official Graphics Demo patch. Fortunately pygame, more or less, have all the same calls:

  • martin_dunne on said:

    cant get this working on my rpi getting error :
    connecting to port 3000
    recv connection refused(111)
    netsend bad file descriptor(9)
    any ideas?

  • hamsterrorist on said:

    Not a lot of luck here (Windows). oled.exe just brings up a tiny pygame window with no options.

    If I run MOM.pd from Purr Data, the interface comes up OK, but further loading of any Organelle patches (which load OK) doesn’t seem to connect MOM with the patch.

    No MIDI support while running via Purr Data it would seem either?

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