Modal Cobalt8 to Moog Sirin/Minitaur

This Midihub pipeline lets you control all of the knobs and hidden functions of a Moog Sirin or Minitaur with a Modal Cobalt8.

It’s “ready to go” and all functions seem to work as intended, but if you find any bugs let me know. And if you want to modify it, my apologies in that the pipeline organization is ridiculous – all one giant pipeline, but I don’t have time to divide it up in a more easy to manage fashion.

if you do, please let me know!

The Filter, Resonance, LFO Rate, LFO Shape, FEG and AEG knobs, are mapped to the same functions on the Moog

The Joystick X axis is pitch bend, the Y axis is filter open and close

See the photo decals for which knobs are mapped to which functions:

(if you want to make your own decals:

The decals in the Sirin/Minitaur font apply to the Moog. (The boxy dot matrix font is for Cobat8’s own patch button functions)

BLUE: indicates the knob function as per the Cobalt

YELLOW: indicates a shift function for that knob


For Panic, Drone and Tracking – they’re accessed via the MOD-EG section

For Bend Up Steps it’s LFO3, and Bend Down Steps it’s LFO3 in shift mode

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