MobMuPlat PingPong Latency Tester

This is a three files patch (pd, mmp/pd) to test latency of the conection between a MobMuPlat interface/patch and a Pd patch in the computer, using a router.

From MobMuPlat patch, it sends once a second a ping to Computer patch. This send a pong to phone/tablet and it prints it in screen in milliseconds. Also, it has a very nice progress bar.

It is usefull to know if phone/tablet is connected and what is the ping-pong latency. You can add it to your own interfaces.

Made with MobMuPlat 1.7, PureData Vanilla 0.47.1.

– Change metro value (1000-500-250-100ms).
– Graph to see last pingpongs visually.

255 PM
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  • Category: Utility
  • Revision: 1.0
  • License: GNU
  • Views: 887
  • Modified: 12 months ago
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