MM – Wavetable synth

This one uses several waveform samples and crossfades between them. Sort of what a vector synth does.

It also contains reverb and full MIDI implementation. CC1 controls vibrato rate.

Here are the samples I used.

AKWF FREE (waveform samples)

You can use your own samples.

Have fun!

//Wavetable vector style synth. 2020 Matias Monteagudo.

//My interface options. Change at will.

Server.local.options.device = "ASIO : ASIO PreSonus FireStudio";

	SynthDef(\verb, {
		|in, predelay=1, revtime=2, lpf=4500,mix=0.5,amp=1,out=0|
		var dry,wet,temp,sig;
		dry =, 2);
		temp =, 2);
		wet=0;, 0.2, predelay); {, 0.05, {Rand(0.001,0.05)}!2,revtime);,lpf);

//After evaluating this. You can hit "CMD+." or even restart the server and the verb will be there. (You'll need to re evaluate only if you restart SC)
~revBus =,2);
~createReverb={~reverbSynth=Synth(\verb, [\mix,0.23, \in, ~revBus])};

ServerTree.removeAll;//If you wanna empty the Tree.

//The buffers. You can use any waveform you want. Or bigger samples if you wanna experiment. it will probably work fine with loops too.

//You can test your buffers here.

//Connect MIDI devices. (0,6) is my keyboard under a virtual MIDI cable. You probably need to evaluate only "MIDIIn.connectAll"

//The Synth. It will crossfade across all buffers (like a Vector synth)
    | gate=1,vel=1,fq=5,out,bend=0,vr=6,va=0.1|
    var sig1,sig2,sig3,sig4,sig5,sig6,sig7,sig8,mix,vib,env, signal;,0,[0,0.1],[1],4),1)*va);,b,fq+vib* bend.midiratio,gate,0,1);,c,fq+vib* bend.midiratio,gate,0,1);,d,fq+vib* bend.midiratio,gate,0,1);,e,fq+vib* bend.midiratio,gate,0,1);,f,fq+vib* bend.midiratio,gate,0,1);,g,fq+vib* bend.midiratio,gate,0,1);,h,fq+vib* bend.midiratio,gate,0,1);,i,fq+vib* bend.midiratio,gate,0,1);[0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7],inf),`[sig1,sig2,sig3,sig4,sig5,sig6,sig7,sig8],,1),mul:Rand(0.003, 0.01),add:Rand(0.7,0.9))); //Each note modulates in Xfade speed.
    env =, vel, 0.005),gate, doneAction: 2);, mix*env!2)


//MIDI functions. Play the synth with a keyboard. (Or equivalent MIDI controller)

~notes = Array.newClear(128);
~liftednotes = Array.newClear(128);
~pedaldown = 0;
~cc1= 0;
~bend = 8192;

MIDIdef.noteOn(\noteOn, {
	arg vel, nn, chan, src;
	if(~notes[nn] != nil){ //release notes if you're trying to repeat them
		~notes[nn].set(\gate, 0); ~notes[nn] = nil

	~notes[nn] =\wts,
			\fq, nn.midicps/40,
			\gate, 1,
			\vel, vel/1000,
			\vr, ~cc1.linlin(0, 127, 0, 8),
			\va, ~cc1.lincurve(0, 127, 0, 1,-100),//This uses the last used value from cc1
			\bend, ~bend.linlin(0, 16383, -2, 2),//This uses the last used value from your pitch bend wheel.

MIDIdef.noteOff(\noteOff, {
	arg vel, nn;
	if(~pedaldown == 127) {//if pedal is down:
		~liftednotes[nn] = ~notes[nn];
	{//else if pedal is up:
		~notes[nn] = nil;
} );\cc1, {
	arg val, chan, src;
	['ModWheel', val].postln;
	~cc1 = val; //This will store the last used cc1 value.{arg synth; synth.set(\vr, val.linlin(0, 127, 0, 8), \va, val.lincurve(0,127,0,1,-100))};
},ccNum:1, chan: 0);

MIDIdef.bend(\bend, {
	arg val, chan, src;
	['bend', val, chan, src].postln;  // [ bend, 11888, 0, 1 ]
	~bend = val;//This will store the last used bend value.
	// also update any notes currently in ~notes{arg synth; synth.set(\bend, val.linlin(0, 16383, -2, 2))};
}, chan: 0);\pedal,{
	arg val, key;
	if(key == 64) { //only worry about pedal control messages
	~pedaldown = val;
	if(val == 0) {{arg synth; synth.set(\gate, 0);
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  • Revision: 1.2 Tweaks and fix for out of tune min vibrato.
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