MM – EZConv.

EZConv Convolution reverb implementation as an external FX processor.

You need to drop in your own IR file.

You’ll need to install the EZConv extension:

// EZConv convolution reverb implementation.

Server.local.options.memSize=8192; //8192 is the default memSize. You can increase this if needed.
Server.local.options.device = "ASIO : ASIO PreSonus FireStudio";

//Test implementation.

SynthDef(\test, {
	|amp=1, pos=0|
	var sig, pan;,0.9,[0,amp,0],[0.001,0.2],-4),1,doneAction:2));, pos,1);, pan)

x=Synth(\test, [\pos, 0]);//Test synth left out.
x=Synth(\test, [\pos,  0.5]);//Test synth left out.
x=Synth(\test, [\pos, -0.5]);//Test synth left out.

//Stereo Convolution verb implementation. Will work with stereo incoming signals. Test with the scope on first and no volume. This can get loud pretty easy.

//Load your IR.
~path="G:/IRs/Reverb Units and Plugins/FL/Reverb/Default.wav";

~ezConv.numChannels;//Test how many channels your IR has.; //Unload the IR. You might want to do this before loading a new one.

//Evaluate the Reverb engine.
(; //This will free itself before each time you evaulate to avoid overload due to stacking.
SynthDef(\Convr, { |out, wet=0.1, dry=1|
	var signal, process;
	signal =, 2);[signal[0],signal[1]],0.1,1); //(signals, leak, mult), (process*wet)+(signal*dry));

z = Synth(\Convr, [\outbus, 0, \wet, 0.25, \dry, 1], addAction:\addToTail);

);//To stop reverb if you need.
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