MM – Eli Fieldsteel’s Reverb implementation. (with ServerTree)

This verb actually sounds good. At long decays is better than FreeVerb2

Also it will give you an example on how to set up buffers for your effects to process your synth signals and use ServerTree to keep your FX alive after you hit “CMD+.” or restart your server.

Huge thanks to Eli Fieldsteel!!!

This was taken from his tutorial 16:

//MM Eli Fieldsteel's Reverb implementation. (with ServerTree)
//It actually sounds better than Freeverb2.

//My interface options. Change at will.

Server.local.options.device = "ASIO : ASIO PreSonus FireStudio";

//Evaluate reverb.

	SynthDef(\verb, {
		|in, predelay=1, revtime=10, lpf=4500,mix=0.5,amp=1,out=0|
		var dry,wet,temp,sig;
		dry =, 2);
		temp =, 2);
		wet=0;, 0.2, predelay); {, 0.05, {Rand(0.001,0.05)}!2,revtime);,lpf);

//After evaluating this. You can hit "CMD+." or even restart the server and the verb will be there. (You'll need to re evaluate only if you restart SC)
~reverbBus =,2);
~createReverb={~reverbSynth=Synth(\verb, [\in, ~reverbBus])};

ServerTree.removeAll;//If you wanna reset the Tree. (aka, no more verb) or prior to change verb paramters.

//For example. Evaluate this then hit "CMD+." you'll hear the reverb tail is now shorter.
~createReverb={~reverbSynth=Synth(\verb, [\in, ~reverbBus,  \revtime,1])};

//The Synth.
SynthDef(\tri, {
	|gate=1, amp=1, freq=200, panpos=0, envdur=1|
	var sig, pan;,0,,envdur,amp,-15),gate,doneAction:2));,panpos,1);,pan)

//Test your synth.
Synth(\tri, [\panpos, 0])
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