Mixer24 with per channel EQ

A proof of concept rather than anything particularly useful. I started this because I wanted 3 band EQ above the channels in the mixer, but none of the modules available were the right size so it ended up looking a bit messy. Then a lightbulb went on. I had the idea of using PatchMaster to create the layout I wanted. It went from there, with the addition of controls for Aux FX, must, solo, pan etc. The controls for channel Groups could easily be added by copying the PatchMaster modules for Aux FX and re-mapping them.

It needs VU Meters or something to show levels but I didn’t figure out how best to do that. Maybe MindMeld could add that as an option to the faders in PatchMaster?

There are 24 channels on this mixing desk, with room to go up to 32. The extra channels just need mapping. More could be added if required (!)

It has been pointed out to me that the MindMeld EQ Master is a superior parametric graphic equaliser and this is undisputed. You can of course have that in your patch too, but sometimes you just need Low/Mid/High. Besides, I could not work out how to map that beast ;-)

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