Minimoog Model V

A Minimoog based VCV Rack patch. It’s a surprisingly accurate emulation. I added a fourth oscillator to use as a modulation source. The modulation wheel is mapped to both the filter cutoff and the oscillator4/noise modulation amount. Only free modules are used.

The VCAs are (left to right, top to bottom):
External input volume,
Mod wheel cutoff modulation amount,
Key tracking amount,
Amount of contour (envelope depth),
Oscillator 1 volume,
Oscillator 2 volume,
Oscillator 3 volume,
Noise volume,
Noise modulation amount,
Oscillator 4 modulation amount,
Mod wheel frequency and filter modulation amount,
and pitch bend amount.

The switches are (top to bottom):
Oscillator 1,
Oscillator 2,
Oscillator 3,
External input,
Frequency modulation,
Oscillator4/noise cutoff modulation,
Mod wheel cutoff modulation,
Key tracking,
and portamento.

The upper Vult knob controls the amount of glide (portamento).

The upper two A/B switches switch between MIDI and external input for control of the filter and amplitude envelpoe gates.

Version 0.91:
Disconnected the pitch wheel.
Added toggles for oscillators 1, 2, and 3, frequency modulation, and filter modulation (in order).

Version 1.0:
Added an external input capable of feedback.
Added toggles for noise, external input, cutoff modulation with mod wheel, portamento, and key tracking.
Added switches for gate control.
Added a knob for portamento control.
Discovered moving the pitch wheel fixed the tuning issue, and reattached it.
Rearranged some modules.
This version has all the features of a Minimoog that I can think of, hence the 1.0.

Thanks to Lindenberg Research for releasing the excellent oscillator and filter designs used.
It’s set to a Catherine of Aragon lead.

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4 comments on “Minimoog Model V
  • nay-seven on said:

    hello, looks interesting but can’t find this VCO in the Lindenberg research folder ( last release 30/03) or even on his github ??

  • Jin37 on said:

    I found it in the Lindenberg Research modules in the plugin manager. Maybe try downloading it from the manager instead of the plugin folder?

  • tacoe on said:

    Just had to create an account to say wow! Amazing patch, unbelievably fat sound.

  • jhunolt on said:

    This is a great patch! But now some of the plugins are not being updated to v1.

    Southpole – Sounds like it will be compiled for v1.
    PvC – Not sounding likely so far.
    TheXOR – Not sounding likely so far.

    Has anyone created a version of this patch with substitute v1 plugins?

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