MidiMarble 2

Minor update suggested by “-ki”: Description is now available via SHIFT.

MidiMarble is a step sequencer for notes or midi CCs.
1. Déjà-vu sets the chance for steps to be replaced by a random Random min, max value, limited in range by the min and max knobs. ‘La’ sets the chance to replace notes not with random ones, but with the last one played.
2. Velocity and Gate time ranges are working similarly to notes with the Déjà-vu setting.
3. Sequence length can be set to 4, 8, 16, 32 or 64 steps, clock division goes from /32 to /4 and can be further multiplied by 4 to a maximum of one bar.
4. Gátè-vu sets random loops for the distribution of gate events , similar to Déjà-vu, with controlable note density. Probability filters out notes fully random.
5. In addition to swing, a jitter knob allows to ‘humanize’ the timing.
6. Channel and Destination knobs select the midi channel and the output: notes or a midi CC value.
7. The four knobs to the right visualize the current output values.

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3 comments on “MidiMarble 2
  • Edward_Gregory on said:

    Really fun to play with, I’m get some really cool bass lines out of it. Thanks!

  • Irena_Svetlovska on said:

    As a user of Mozaic presets, but definitely not a programmer, MidiMarble has always been one of my fave and most musically useful gadgets. Just wanted to say thank you, not least for coming up with a clear and effective use of the limited interface. Unlike some of the more brainiac inventions here, I can get in and interactive with MMS knobs, and instantly understand what I am doing and hear the effect it’s is having. Thanks for such a fun and useful thing. :)

  • TomSimmert on said:

    Thanks so much Irena for the kind words!

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