This MIDI looper is for live playing along in sync to music to a steady tempo. Set the tempo (bpm) and phrase length (beats), then play a phrase on a MIDI keyboard, and have it loop sending the notes to a sound source like a synth or another Pd app.

It simply records notes on a running loop of 512 samples, at a rate that is set precisely by the combination of bpm and number of beats.

You can set both the input and output midi channels, and so send the notes to a range of connected devices.

It specifically does NOT quantise! It doesn’t record velocity or duration for each note, just the pitch – although you can set velocity and duration globally.

There is an advance/retard control either to deal with latency issues or for special musical effects of pushing ahead of the beat or lagging behind.

I’ve reserved three piano keys for operations:

– C2 stops/starts the loop
– D2 clears the loop
– E2 toggles the loop output on/off

but you could easily remove these or assign them to other keys, based on your keyboard. Or to midi buttons if you have those.

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