MidiGen – Controlled Meander

midiFX for bass, harmony and melody note generation using Meander module with synced note-length variations.

* Load miRack AUv3 into a midi track/midi fx slot of your AUV3host
* Add three intruments, receiving its midi input from the miRack instance.
* Configure the first instrument to receive the bass notes on midi channel 1
* Configure the second instrument to receive the harmony chords on midi channel 2
* Configure the third instrument to receive the melody on midi channel 3 (maybe add a delay to smoothen the melody solo)

The first row of the patch contains the interactive controls. Three big LATCH buttons allow to pause the note-length variations. Two TACT modules allow changes to root and scale mode. A third TACT module allows to change the progression if the host timeline is stopped.

The second row of the patch contains several host synced BPM LFOs that control the note-length variations and the main Meander module
* The LFOs division knob changes the duration of the automation, 32 corresponds to a full bar
* The LFOs skew knob controls the note length distribution along that duration
* The LFOs phase knob shifts the automation
* The melody arp BPM LFO is set to rectangle, it enables the melodies arping just for a short period of time when the output value is high
* The bass shuffle BPM LFO is set to rectangle. It toggles the bass shuffle for more variation
* OFFSET modules for harmony and bass allow to scale and offset the note-length variations (high offset means shorter notes even if the LFO outputs a low value, the scale knob sets the influence of the LFO)
* The melody note-length distribution is controlled by a WALK module outputing random values. Its offset knob controls the base note-length and the scale knob the influence of the random values.

The third row of the patch contains four text modules with inline patch documentation followed by midi sync input and several midi note output modules for harmony, melody and bass.

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  • Raz-mataz on said:

    Fun. Was about to do this setup. Thanks man!

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