Drambo MidiFx – Single Note To Chord

Drambo MidiFX to generate chords send to midi output from single note midi input.


Tune in *two* of the senitone offsets at the CHORDS module to choose a 3 note chord, ie 3+7 for mayor

The use the SCALE QUANTIZER to define the output scale.


The project is configured to generate a minor chord, but scale quantize to C Dorian – with the result that nearly all notes (except C#) will play slightly different chords due to the quantization.

If using more of the CHORD generators semitone offset knobs (for ‚larger’ chords) you need to adapt the number of voices on the internal ‚midi to cv‘ module.

One comments on “Drambo MidiFx – Single Note To Chord
  • Soi on said:

    It’s so good…I already put it into a track…

    So great to see -Ki “the king of mozaic “ In Drambo…
    I hope it means great stuff are coming in the future 🙃

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