midifile player for Orac 2.0

place unzipped folder in /usbdrive/media/Orac/usermodules/sequence/
(you probably have to make the sequence folder)

a midifile player and looper for orac 2.0. you can mangle stuff, make quick loops that changes starting point quickly.

its fairly limited (see notes), and sometimes a little fiddly, but it can make some fun things and maybe have some utility too.

midifiles played are numbered and in the ‘midifiles’ folder, and selected with first knob. I have put some classical pieces in there, but anything should work (all midifile types seem to work). (I tried to implement a MEC thing here, where the midifiles were in “kits” on the media drive, but I havent had luck yet… but from there, the obvious thing to do would be to make a midirecorder counter part to this, and be able to resample midi and what not.)

when the second knob (“start”) is at 0, pressing play will play the midifile based on global bpm all the way through (it cant loop whole midifiles yet)*. any thing over 0 starts a loop of some midi events in the file. start time is in beats as determined by the midi files’ internal ppq. Youll find that, especially in the bach, this makes for some perfect loops because the ppq is outlining measures as well as beats by extension.

duration is how long it loops, also in beats.

finally, you can increase or decrease the tempo relative to the master tempo, this gives some good effects.

Some notes:
I have a midi flush going to turn off otherwise hanging notes at every start, every loop start or duration change, every stop, and elsewhere, but this is still not enough! notes will still hang (especially in basic poly), but its only when your doing wacky midi stuff anyway, and usually moving the start around will turn it off (one of the things I hope to fix though).

Two modules of midifile, or it being put along other intense modules will quickly spike the load and crash the organelle. It seems that just with doing two polyphonic synths in general, even two basic polys, you quickly use processing. A midiplayer module alone in orac seems pretty lightweight… this is all just control level numbers anyway!

It will not restart itself if its playing through instead of looping, you need to press stop, move the start knob to some place and start again. the mrpeach midifile external is supposed to pick up on the “last click” of a midifile, and bang when it reaches the end, but this has not worked for me with the midi files I have tried.

there are definitely other things to fix and features to add (piano roll visual!!), but this feels somewhat functional and would love to hear thoughts.

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