Note to chord effect with up to 5 notes. Input via USB or DIN-5 will get sent to both USB and DIN-5 outputs. Note on/off events will get turned into chords, based on the configured parameters.

A single configuration can be saved in memory and recalled using A & B buttons respectively.

Requires Blokas Boards package version >= 1.0.5

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  • bretzel on said:

    I did something similar once in Max but following a given scale. I’ll probably port it once I finish mounting my Midiboy :)

  • Giedrius on said:

    @Enkerli, the main function generating the notes is ‘produceEvents’, it gets called for every ‘note on’ message that is received. You may try modifying its logic to achieve the effect you are after. :)

    Btw, I have moved the Midiboy common code to its dedicated library, so now the sketch code should be more to the point. :)

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