4Devs: Midi State Debugger v8

A debugging tool to produce a summarized state overview of all midi events received on all channels.

A normal midi monitor outputs the events in the order received and it is complicated to get a summarized overview.
The Midi State Debuggers main use-case is to produce a nice list of active notes and the latest values of all CCs, PBc, PCs and ATs received. It optionally can show the input events like a midi monitor and detects double Note-Ons and Note-Offs.

These features might be helpful in debugging midi setups or scripts. Just route the to-be-analyzed channels into this Mozaic instance. The script does NOT forward any events !

* All Pads trigger the output of the sumarized states lists

* The Reset knob marks all notes/CCs/PCs/PBs on all channels as inactive.
* The Name knob sets the instance name (empty, A-F)

* The Notes knob toggles event log output of ‘normal’ note events
* The Bends knob toggles event log output of ‘pitch bend’ events
* The ATs knob toggles event log output of both ‘after touch’ events
* The CCs knob toggles event log output of ‘controler change’ events.
* The PCs knob toggles event log output of ‘program change’ events
* The Note State Debugger detects and logs double note-on/-off events as warning.

All output is shown in the LOG screen, please enlarge the AU window or toggle between views using Mozaics UI.

2 comments on “4Devs: Midi State Debugger v8
  • -ki on said:

    Updated to v8
    – Added instance name knob that shows additional label in the title, on pads and the icon, This helps a lot when using several instances of the debugger.

    I added this feature when checking the midi of a new developped script – using one instance of the State Debugger listening to the main scripts input and a second State Debugger listening to the output of the main script.

  • -ki on said:

    Added ‘4Devs:’ to title and ‘for developers’ tag to indicate that this script is intended for script developers

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