MIDI Quantized Looper


Input — Looper — SV Filter — Mod delay — Plate reverb — Audio mixer — Output
Input — Hall reverb — Audio Mixer — Output


Made with a sequencer which is gated with MIDI clock divided in Clock Divider.
Loop length is set in Clock Divider and in the sequencer itself.

First set the desired clock time (in Divider).
Then in sequencer set ‘1’ to steps you want the record to proceed.

By default the sequencer is set to give you the time to prepare to record (clock divider ratio 1/2; 1,2 sequencer steps = 0). On step 3 recording starts.

Depending on clock divider ratio you want to set more or less pre-roll steps in sequencer.


Left — start the sequencer (you want to be on page ‘0’ to not to miss the start of looprecording).
Middle — stops loop playback.
Right — steadily (trough a CV filter) increases delay mix for the loop.

This patch was made using acoustic instruments with no amplification, so adjust the volume :)
When patch is loaded sequencer is triggered to start recording, so wait and restart or go right from the start!

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