MIDI MultiCast v1.1

Triggerable scenes defining midi routings of a single input channel onto several output
channels. There are two banks of 16 multicast-routing scenes, each scene of a bank can
be triggered by a user-defined note-on on a trigger channel. The routed midi data should
use a different midi channel to not interfere with scene triggering.

Main View
* The 16 pads switch the current scene and multicast routing
* The active scene pad shows a dark-blue color
* The BANK knob selects the current bank. This also switches the active trigger notes.
Each bank uses different pad color scheme. (Double-Tap to switch to the next bank)
* The HELP+Chn knob toggles to Help+Input Channel View . (Double-tap is supported)
* Tap SHIFT to enter Config View for the current active scene

Config View
* The 16 pads toggle the output channels for the current scene. Selected pads/channels
use a light green color.
* The trigger note knob shows and configures the scene trigger. LEARN (full left) sets
the next note received on the trigger channel as trigger note. (Double-tap for LEARN)
* The SCENE knob allows to switch to other scenes and banks for faster configuration.
The banks use a minor different ‘unselected’ pad color scheme to highlight bank
changes.(Double-tap knob to change to next scene)
* The HELP+Chn knob toggles to Help+Input Channel View . (Double-tap is supported)
* Tap SHIFT to return to Main view

While in Config View, the current multicast configuration is applied to allow testing
with notes on the input channel. If a channel is muted while input notes ar held,
Note-Offs for the active notes of this channel are send. The script does not change
scenes on trigger notes while in config view.

HELP + Input Channel Config
* Shows this description
* The TRIG_CH knob sets the trigger note channel
* The INPUT_CH knob sets the input channel to be multicasted
* The IMPORT knob allows to import settings from an older MIDI MultiCast script version
to update the script without having to manually re-apply previous settings.
(Double-tap is supported)
—— Before updating the script, save the to-be-preseved settings into a preset.
—— Update the script, double-tap HELP, double-tap IMPORT
—— Open another Mozaic instance and there load the preset containing the settings
to be imported while the updated script waits for data
—– There is a timeout of 10 seconds to load the second instance or import will fail
* The HELP+Chn knob toggles back to the previous view. (Double-tap is supported)
* SHIFT also returns to the previous view

Bank Switching
The bank switch can be automated using AU parameter user0 or a program change message
on the trigger channel. Switching banks switches the trigger note configuration, but
does not switch active scene. The old scene (in the old bank) is active until a new
scene is selected by pressing a pad or using a trigger note.

How to setup
* Select bank A using the BANK knob and tap the first scene pad
* Double-tap the HELP+Chn knob to toggle to description and input channel setup
* Configure trigger channel and input channel
* Tap SHIFT or double-tap the HELP+Chn knob to switch back to Main View

* Tab SHIFT to switch to output configuration for the first scene of bank A
* For each scene
—– Select the output channels for the scene
—– Verify the multicast setup by playing some notes on the input channel
—– Manually dial in the trigger note
——* or double-tap the trigger note knob to change to LEARN mode
——* and press the scene trigger pad/note on your controller
—– Double-tap the SCENE knob to change to next scene

* To finish, tab SHIFT to return to Main View

* Each input note will send its note-off to the channel combination used for the note-on.
This allows sustained input notes even during scene/bank switching
* All midi events of the input channel excluding sysex messages are multicast
* The script applies double note-on/note-off protection for the routed midi
* The first 8 pads default to Rozeta pattern change notes as trigger

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4 comments on “MIDI MultiCast v1.1
  • -ki on said:

    Based on a request of lukesleepwalker in the AudioBus forum thread https://forum.audiob.us/discussion/comment/813143#Comment_813143

    He uses an ACPad controller on his acoustic guitar to control “scenes” that switch the sounds for several FreeDrum bluetooth midi sensors played with his feet. These feet-sensors trigger notes picked up by several AudioLayer instances, each containing different samples for the played notes and on on separate midi channels .

    Using the script, the ACPad controller can change between scenes defining which AudioLayer instance will receive notes if a foot-switch is played.
    The ACPad controller‘s notes trigger the scene switches and each scene defines a routing from the input channel with the FreeDrum midi notes to several output channels picked up by the AudioLayer instances.
    All AudioLayer instances listen to midi from the script, but each of them is limited to react only to a single channel.

  • Raz-mataz on said:

    Looks awesome. I hope lukesleepwalker is making the best use of it and hopefully share a demonstration.

  • -ki on said:

    Update to v1.1
    – Removed debug log output
    – New default

  • Renatto_Vaz on said:

    Hi! -Ki!

    First of all this script is very awesome and helpful! Thanks a lot!

    I am newer on Mozaic and need some advice. Would you mind helping me to make a midi note range setup (Maybe with buttons?) for individual channels in each scene? I’m intending to use it with Beathawk. Thanks for attention!

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