I added an Orba feature: hit the SHIFT button and Orba Tilting will go up 1-2-3 octaves or at full tilt down an octave from the default 48-60 midi note octave. For non-orba owners CC 1 (Mod wheel) will perform this mod for you.

This Script Monitors incoming MIDI and has PAD switches to enable/disable MIDI Types and Selectable CC’s.

Touching a PAD and turning it RED enables Logging of that MIDI Type or CC.

It can also pass they selected MIDI types which is useful for targeting specific MIDI types when Using MIDI Learn and the controller is outputting a simplex stream that needs filtering to choose the right MIDI event for mapping.

It’s set up by default for 4 specific MIDI CC’s (Shake, Radiate, Spin, Move) . 4 Knobs are exposed to allow for custom CC Monitoring and Forwarding.

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