Midi Mapping in VCV Rack 1.0

One would think that the new Midi mapping feature in VCV Rack 1.0 will start and end with using an external controller and mapping it to different parameters in VCV Rack, but oh boy, this is just the beginning. Midi mapping opens a whole new world of modulation and patching that was not available before. Yes, sure, you can now map your controller to almost anything in VCV, even if it has no CV input, but you can also modulate almost anything with other modules as well, even if what you want to modulate has no CV input, and you can also record and create automation and unique modulations, and again, assign them to almost anything in VCV. So in this video, I start with mapping an external controller, and then I use the Stoermelder modules that allow us to use Midi mapping to map other modules as well.

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