Midi Filter and Transpose v1.01

Filter by channel, limit note range and apply tranpose – like AUMs channel midi input filter.

* The pads toggle the 16 input channels, a lit pad signals that midi events of this
channels will pass through
* The upper row knobs specify the lowest and highest allowed note
* The ‘Trans’ in the bottom row allows tranposing +/-48 notes
* The HELP knob toggles to this description
* The script prevents double note-on/offs, muting a channel mutes its active notes

4 comments on “Midi Filter and Transpose v1.01
  • Acoustiman on said:

    Thx for this handy filter/transpose script👍

  • -ki on said:

    Update to v1.01
    – Fixed a bug with state saving, now should work as expected

  • 80Hz on said:

    LOVE this! I’m a midi guitarist. Each string transmits on a single midi channel so this allows me to have bass instrument on bottom 2 or 3 strings while muting it on the other strings. BIG REQUEST, can you make it so the transpose works independently on each channel rather than globally on all channels? That would be fantastic for guitarist like me who want to activate alternate tunings without actually retuning the guitar! You’d have a ton of guitarists loving it!

  • 80Hz on said:

    Willing to PAY someone to modify this so that the transpose feature can be adjusted independently for each midi channel. This would allow midi guitarists to get alternate tunings. PLEASE, tell me you can do this :) email me at erolsommer@yahoo.com

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