Midi controlled Envelope Filter, with LPF, BPF or HPF and optional OD and Reverb.

This is a 3 filter Envelope Filter. A button/sequencer controls which of the 3 filters is on. The post filter then goes into an optional overdrive and an optional plate reverb at the end. That bell filter towards the end is to get rid of some hum noise I get from my controller. IT’s not needed. This is designed around my bass guitar and custom midi controller so settings would probably have to be tweaked for use. The knobs (CC 0-6) and buttons (CC 11-12) are for the following

CC0: Fall of Envelope Follower
CC1: Rise of Envelope Follower
CC2: Frequency (all 3 filters)
CC3 :Value: Range of the filter mod
CC4: Resonance of all 3 filters
CC5: Overdrive (connected to audio balance)
CC6: Reverb Mix
CC11: Filter switch
CC12: Reverb on/off

CC 11 and 12 are connected to a compartor first.

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