MIDI Clock Tool

This is an experimental plugin designed to multiply or divide MIDI Clock messages to or from external hardware or apps. See below for some of the limitations.

Clock multiplier / divider for AUM (and in some cases other hosts.)

▫️ MIDI clock messages (0xF8,0,0) are sent out according to the division or multiple set by the first knob.
▫️ HOST Clock mode uses the host’s clock and is the most accurate. The host must be running in this mode.
▫️ MIDI Clock mode listens for incoming clock messages. AUM must be receiving an external MIDI clock signal and that signal must be routed to the Mozaic instance.
▫️ BPM Dispalay: In midi clock mode this is an APROXIMATE representation of the incoming BPM. It uses the system clock which only reports to 1ms, which isn’t fine enough for BPM calculation. The actual clock out messages are processed as received and are far more accurate than the BPM indicator.
▫️ You can start and stop the outbound clock messages with the Start/Stop button.

▫️ AUM is the only host tested that passes external MIDI Clock messages to the plugin. You must use Host Clock for other hosts.
▫️ Outbound MIDI Clock is also dependent on what the host allows. AUM works. AudioBus works in most cases. Other hosts may vary.
▫️ This will NOT sync plugins that don’t accept MIDI Clock. For instance, you can’t use it to affect other AUv3 plugins in the same host. It’s intended mainly for external apps and hardware. There is nothing that can be done to get around this or other limitations of AUv3 hosts.

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  • Revision: 0.2 (beta)
  • License: The Unlicense
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  • wim-number37 on said:

    v0.2 contains a small but important fix for sending Host generated clock out.

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