Midi chord extractor for ORCΛ

Demo of what would be the grid to copy and paste octaves / notes from http://api.slosarek.eu/orca

I will need help with the right code to translate a MIDI into Orca format. The big question is, a mid can be a free form composition, to pass this into ORCA BPM grid there are a couple of considerations:

– How to calculate silence right
– Let’s imagine we have a 120 bpm set up so each beat takes 500 millis. What happens if note C starts at 0 and there is a fast note D that starts at 700 ms?

Considering that we have:
500 1000 1500 2000 grid

And what we do with D?
We cannot put it in first, but also if we pass it to the second, it could take the place of a third note coming at 1000. That’s the problem that needs an intelligent review from someone that understands better music than me :)

Please use this URL to try exporting your midi files to ORCA format:

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