MIDI Channel Router

This simple script routes incoming midi from one channel and outputs it to a different channel. I wrote it to be used in conjunction with my Launchpad Mini Mk3 Drum Sequencer script (see the notes for that script for the how and why). Add the script in AUM in another instance of Mozaic, and route between the output of the first Mozaic instance and the destination app.
If routing one midi stream to multiple destinations in AUM, filter the destination midi channels (in the app hamburger menu, midi inputs) and select the active output channel in the Router GUI.

V1.1 Changelog – Added pad selection for the input and output channels. Press SHIFT to toggle between midi input channel and output channel selection, or use the knobs as in the previous version.

The initial setting is for use with my sequencer script – input channel 12, output channel 10 – this can easily be changed if necessary – instructions are in the script.

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